About Brett
The People Intelligence Specialist

Whom I Work With.

My one-to-one, group training and online clients include Lawyers, Consultants, Coaches, Public Figures, Entrepreneurs, Senior Business Leaders, Sales Executives, Psychologists, Law Enforcement, Security Officers and Students.
My clients and students are hungry for success and are ready to take their life from ordinary to extraordinary and know what it takes to become successful. They recognise that acquiring the ability to communicate at a higher level and stand out in a crowded world is vital for personal and professional success and are committed to the process. They like to be challenged, make good on their promises and are keen to apply their knowledge in the real world.

My Experience And Qualifications.

Over the past 15 years, I have gained real-world experience working with the elderly suffering from dementia, young people with behavioural issues, rehabilitating offenders in prison, training/coaching law enforcement, security and prison officers how to decode and interpret verbal and nonverbal behaviours and regularly consult with and teach multinational organisations such as Law firms, Sales Companies, Insurance and Recruitment on all aspects of advanced people intelligence, communication strategies and behaviour profiling.
Along the way, I have gained qualifications and experience in psychology, behavioural science, neuroscience, coaching, social care, mental health, clinical and advanced conversational hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, para-linguistics, deception detection, statement analysis, the "new" body language, behavioural profiling, learning & development, mentoring and am a qualified trainer.

In my career so far, I have been asked to speak at multiple Universities and Schools, large corporates such as Aldi, RBS, The Law Society, CIPD, St James Place Wealth Management, HM Prisons service and large business events.
I have over 20 years of business experience and in this time have helped build multiple businesses, held board-level directorships, secured millions of pounds of investment for one of my other businesses and have worked with various charities. 

What I Believe.

In a fast-paced, competitive and digital world, I believe that emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication should no longer be viewed as soft skills, and the individuals/organisations who acknowledge this and take action on enhancing these abilities will stand out more, influence more and earn more money than those who don't.


In my experience of working with various people from all different backgrounds and industries, from rehabilitating offenders in prison and supporting children with behavioural issues to consulting with litigation lawyers and high performing entrepreneurs, it doesn't matter how many academic qualifications you possess, if you cannot communicate with others at a good level, you will get left behind by those who can.


Who Am I And What I Do?

Hi, my name is Brett Mabberley and I am an International people intelligence specialist, author, lead consultant and founder of interpersonal insights ltd, and I teach ambitious service based professionals such as lawyers, sales executives, consultants and coaches how to increase their emotional and interpersonal intelligence competencies and leave them with the cutting-edge behavioural analysis tools, skills and strategies required to observe, interpret and utilise verbal and nonverbal behaviour.

Charities I'm Involved With:
The Buddy Bag Foundation

With 48,000 children in the UK need emergency accommodation each year.


The Buddy Bag Foundation supplies buddy bags to children who find themselves in emergency accommodation after a traumatic incident. These bags help make a difference by ensuring a child has the essential items they need for their immediate wellbeing and comfort.



Brett Mabberley is an extraordinarily insightful human being. He has the very rare skill set of technical 'geek' know-how and emotional intelligence that make him an extremely effective coach, strategist and visionary. He has a powerful empathetic temperament that is tough and yet understanding both at once, which is why he is such a popular coach and trainer.


He's also an inspiring, engaging public speaker, with some cutting-edge content on human behaviour, mental resilience and world-class performance.


Highly recommended!


Rob Brown

BDA (Business Development Academy) Founder & CEO



We commissioned Brett to develop a program for our curriculum that he then delivered to all of our year 7 students to give them a basic understanding of behavioural science. It equipped them with the knowledge to apply their skills of communication to the real world.  

Brett’s program was captivating, fully immersing students in a course that addressed all learning styles. His professionalism and knowledge are outstanding and I would highly recommend Brett and his programs.

Kelly Pierduta

Specialist in Student Growth & Performance

Highfields High School

I have had the pleasure of working with Brett and every time I am amazed at his knowledge and sheer brilliance to help people reach their potential. 

He has such a warm and genuine manner and a great presence. He shares insight and gives tools that can be applied to keep his powerful work alive.

Georgina Jones

CEO - TLO - Turn Lights On


What People Are Saying About Brett.


Having recently attended a seminar to see Brett, I cannot wait to work with him in the future. 


Brett's vast knowledge of the "new" body language, micro-emotions, psychology and coaching was really obvious. His enthusiasm, great delivery style, approachability and professionalism made an already interesting subject area totally fascinating.




Tracy Kearns, MBA, MCIPD

Vice-Chair South East Wales Branch at CIPD

Change Manager - Transport For Wales

Brett is the man! After meeting Brett and having intense one to one sessions along with attending his amazing seminars regularly, I started to believe in myself again.


Brett's approach to teaching is unique; he leaves you speechless and wanting to hear & learn more. 


This guy is unbelievably amazing, he keeps his audience captivated, he inspires them, and most of all people leave his company BELIEVING they can do it.


Brett, I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me over the last year .




Lisa Jayne Powell

- Empowerment Coach


I have worked with Brett in a number of areas over recent years both through my own business - Colden Human Resources Ltd - and in my capacity as Chair of Birmingham CIPD.

In all my dealings with him, I have found Brett to be engaging, knowledgeable, highly credible and, above all, authentic. His range of expertise is extensive and this enables him to provide a well-rounded viewpoint which ensures all his professional interventions are relevant to the context and well focussed

I would have no hesitation in recommending Brett.

Patricia Colden, Director

Colden Human Resources Ltd  &

Chair Birmingham Branch at CIPD



Brett is an expert in his field, he is a first-class consultant and goes the extra mile to help and certainly exceeds expectations.

I would recommend Brett as both a consultant and a speaker.

He is great at networking and bringing people together in business and always goes the extra mile to help.


Donna Gardner-Hickman

Director - VIP Lifestyle Ltd

Brett is exceptional at what he does. I met Brett whilst on a coaching skills workshop and it was immediately obvious that the years he has spent on his own development has made him highly skilled in what he does. 

I commissioned Brett on a one to one basis to further enhance my communication skills and to help with my reading of a clients body language. The depth that he goes into is amazing, I especially love the reading of Micro Expressions - for any fan of the Tim Roth series "Lie To Me".

It has been a pleasure to introduce Brett to some major Corporate companies including The University of Birmingham and Natwest/RBS where he has worked his magic to improve teamwork, morale and above all results.

If you have a chance to work with Brett then I cannot recommend him highly enough


Matthew Broadhurst,

St James Place Wealth Management

Birmingham, UK



It takes a person with special qualities to enter a Young Offenders Institution and work with a young person. This is what Brett did and did for a number of years.


He has a great ability to engage with people and get the very best out of them. His approach is always highly professional and he talks a huge amount of common sense. A great colleague and highly recommended

Lee Willows- 

CEO - Trailblazers

- London




Brett constantly strives for excellence in all aspects of his professional life and maintains a positive outlook even in the most challenging situations.  


His strengths lie in his ability to deconstruct and overcome problems using logical thinking and is always supportive of others where his help is needed.


I have observed his passion for coaching, and his unwavering desire to help people achieve their potential which is truly inspirational.


I hope to apply much of what I have learnt from him to my career moving forward.  


Edwina Platten

- Regional Customer Development Manager 

- Britvic PLC


After spending 8 hours on a 1-2-1 insight to impact course with Brett, I felt re-energised. Brett helped me overcome the obstacles I had faced with people management.


Understanding my management style and how that impacts others was a huge learning curve for me and something I now use not only at work but understanding others outside of work. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Brett and would highly recommend the management profiling that Brett creates for any company seeking new employees.

 Marie - Claire Chaney

Conference And Event Coordinator 

Edgbaston Golfclub - Birmingham




Brett is one of the most inspirational and insightful people I know. As a lifetime learner, I have benefited hugely from the knowledge, skills and experience that Brett has to offer.


A couple of hours spent with Brett and you'll find out exactly who you are and what you want to achieve.


Brett doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk and I would highly recommend that you spend at least a couple of hours with him. You won't regret it


Chris Williams

- Buddy Bag Foundation

- Birmingham


What can I say about Brett! He is honestly one of the most interesting, knowledgable and fascinating men I have ever met.


I met Brett at a Networking event and I was blown away by his knowledge in his field. I had only ever met people that were playing at being a sales consultant but he was the real deal.

Brett has helped me to gain my confidence back and become a much better salesperson.

I can highly recommend working with Brett

Elizabeth Mee - 

Business Development 

- Birmingham - UK




Brett is easy, friendly and warm to work with and goes way beyond what you would expect of a consultant.

I've worked with several consultants over the last five years and Brett is head and shoulders above any of them


Kristian Jeffery

- Consultant 

- Sales Genomics - UK