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Helping ambitious and committed business leaders stand out more, influence more and earn more money than most by unlocking their potential and taking their communication skills to an extraordinary level.

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If you are inside the bottle, you can't read whats on the label. Having a coach in your corner can give you that all-important competitive edge, take your life, career and bank balance to an extraordinary level and help you deal with the everyday pressures of navigating the world of business personally as well as professionally. 

Brett's cutting-edge and easy-to-apply coaching frameworks leverage the latest insights from behavioural science and psychology, combined with real-world experience and common sense. His experience and qualifications in advanced communication and psychology allow him to see and hear what other coaches can't in order to amplify every conversation and get extraordinary results for his clients. 


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For CEO'S, Executives, Investors,
Coaches And Consultants


So bring your biggest dreams, fears, and beliefs and I will bring my unique set of skills that will make you realise how small you were thinking before you landed on this page. ​I promise to tell you things that no one else will and help create the life you have always dreamed of.

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I highly recommend Brett as a personal performance coach.

He helped me develop clarity in my personal and business goals whilst going through a challenging period.


As a direct result of working with him, I streamlined my business and developed clear and ambitious goals and he helped me develop and align my work to my key strengths whilst also helping me to understand what I really wanted.


Brett was personally responsible for helping me to develop a coaching business and within a month of working with him, I had my first paying client.


Brett is easy, friendly and warm to work with and goes way beyond what you would expect of a coach.  I've worked with several coaches over the last five years and Brett is head and shoulders above any of them.

Kristian Jeffery


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When the student is ready the teacher appears...

I've just had the privilege of working with Brett on his People Intelligence Accelerator Programme and all I can say I was in the company of a Master.

Brett's incredible knowledge, experience, and ability to deliver are simply world-class and the content of the programme is priceless.

Before working with Brett, I would have considered myself an advanced communicator but this has catapulted me to a whole new level.

If you are looking to increase your earning capacity, create better sales/negotiation skills and gain a MASSIVE business advantage over your competitors or peers

(100% ethically) speak to Brett ASAP.

Carie Lyndene

Sales Specialist

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Utilising cutting-edge insights from behavioural science and psychology, combined with real-world experience and common sense, Brett's  practical and easy-to-apply framework is designed to enhance your ability to observe, interpret and utilise verbal and nonverbal behaviours when interacting with others and leave you with a unique set of people skills and advanced communication strategies that give you an





In today's fast-paced, competitive and digital world, it doesn't matter what school, college, or university you attended, how many academic qualifications and certificates you possess or how good your products or services are.

If you don't have the ability to communicate with impact, connect with others on a deeper level and build new relationships, you will get left behind by those who can.

And those who acknowledge this and take action on enhancing these vital PEOPLE SKILLS will stand out more, influence more and earn more money than those who don't. 



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