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Advanced Communication Training
Made Simple And Easy To Apply In The Real World.

The People Intelligence Accelerator
Program Is For You If:
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You are a coach, consultant, lawyer or other service-based business that sells your knowledge or expertise and interacts with prospects and clients on a daily basis.

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You recognise that having the ability to communicate at a higher level is critical for building a service-based business and is vital for success.

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You want to develop a cutting-edge set of people skills and advanced communication strategies that enable you to confidently, connect and capitalise on human interaction.

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You want to attract and convert more of your ideal prospects into clients and double, triple or even quadruple your income in the process.

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What would your life look like if you had the ability to see what most people can't when interacting with others?

What if you could read people's faces and uncover their true intentions or feelings by hearing what isn't being said?
Imagine the impact it would have on your pitch, presentations and conversations if you had the ability to observe, interpret and utilise your own verbal and nonverbal behaviours while decoding other peoples.

What if you had an internal and external confidence that amplified your position, presence and power?
What would your business and bank balance look like if you could attract and convert more of your ideal prospects into clients from your pitch or presentation?
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By Joining The
In today's fast-paced, competitive and digital world, it doesn't matter what school, college, or university you attended, how many academic qualifications and certificates you possess or how good your products or services are. If you don't have the ability to communicate with impact, connect with others on a deeper level and build new relationships, you will get left behind by those who can. 
And those who acknowledge this and take action on enhancing these vital people skills will stand out more, influence more and earn more money than those who don't. 
This cutting-edge and science-backed program has been specifically designed for service-based experts who want to take their people skills and communication strategy to an extraordinary level, stand out in a competitive world and stop leaving money on the table.
You'll learn everything from creating a captivating and compelling pitch or presentation that keeps your ideal clients on the edge of their seats wanting to know more, to becoming a people expert who can decode human behaviour.


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That Will Increase Your Ability To
Confidently, Connect And Capitalise
On Human Interaction At The Highest Level.

By Recognising Yourself And Others


This first part of the program is designed to give you a competitive edge when interacting with others by helping you to recognise your own and other people's communication styles, and to leave you with the ability to adapt your style accordingly to maximise every conversation.



This second part of the program will help you to separate the fact from the fiction about decoding body language and teach you a science-backed approach for observing, interpreting and utilising your own and other people's nonverbal behaviours.

By Learning How To See And Hear What Most People Can't
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By Applying Your New Skills In The Real World

 Now that you have developed a cutting-edge set of people skills, Part 3 of the program will teach you how to utilise our simple and easy-to-apply framework when interacting with others that will amplify your pitch or presentation, allow you to attract and convert more of your ideal prospects into clients face-to-face or over the phone and double, triple or even quadruple your income in the process.

Read Some Of Our Client Case Studies
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 What Makes The
People Intelligence Program
Different From The Rest?

Brett has spent the last 16 years studying the art and science of advanced communication and has worked with thousands of individuals from around the world, from children with complex behavioral issues and serious offenders in prison to criminal defense lawyers, coaches and consultants, business leaders, elite sports teams and more recently Hollywood actors.

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Screenshot 2022-10-29 at 09.33.54.png

Learning how to develop a unique set of people skills and advanced communication strategies will no doubt take your life, career and bank balance to the next level. But with the help of our world-class specialist communication and performance coaches your results could be exponential.

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 Learn Brett's unique methodology and frameworks built on the foundation of behavioural science and psychology, combined with real-world experience and common-sense that have helped him build a network of high-profile relationships which has brought him over 7 figures and multiple opportunities.

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 We know how frustrating it can be to join a program that leaves you hanging and waiting for help,  that's why we have created a dedicated support and help desk that will be available to answer all your queries. 

 Collaborate to accelerate by building relationships and referral partners within the People Intelligence Accelerator Community Group.  And learn how Brett attracts high-profile 1-1 clients such as elite athletes and Hollywood actors who are by invitation and  referral only.

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There Are Two Ways To Join
 The People Intelligence Accelerator
Program And Work With Brett

Work one-to-one with me for 3 days in a luxury location and take your communication skills to an extraordinary level.


Join me and other like-minded professionals from around the world in my cutting-edge group training program.

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Choose the program which best suits you and apply for a call with me to see if you are the right fit.

*Please Note* 

All My Programs Are By Application And Referral Only

And Are Not For Everyone

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My clients have a bias for action, are hungry for success, know what it means to be at the top of their game, and are willing to invest in themselves to achieve this.

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Is this program appropriate for employees or just freelancers/solopreneurs?

This program is appropriate for all service-based experts who sell their knowledge or expertise and interact with prospects and clients on a daily basis whether they are employed or run their own business.

What is the investment for the program?

The investment for The People Intelligence Accelerator starts at £5,000 and will require a high level of energy, commitment and courage to achieve the

results you are looking for.

Can anyone join this program?

Unfortunately NOT. This program has been designed for ambitious and committed service-based experts who are excellent at what they do and hold themselves to the highest level of integrity.  If this sounds like you, then apply below (by application only).

What should I do next?

Apply for a call here with Brett or join the waiting list to learn more about the program and the impact it could have on your life, career and bank balance. 

Have additional questions about whether or not this will work for you? Email

And Learn More Or...

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