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Happiness At Work

Happiness means something different to everyone. It could be waking up late on a Sunday morning or getting stuck into a challenging pile of paperwork. Having and encouraging happy staff has started to become an increasingly important issue in the world of business, too. However, happiness is not necessarily something to go in pursuit of, it can be found in every minute of the day if you know how to look for it. We are programmed to be happy, it is an amazingly natural state. Being happy has many positives. You could start to become more compassionate whilst feeling healthier, both physically and emotionally. Our happiness also influences our partners, family, friends and co-workers. It is vital to achieving personal ambitions and goals. In a work environment, being part of a cheerful team or enjoying your self-employment has a huge impact on how successful you are in fulfilling your immediate duties, as well as your personal dreams. Feeling happy can also help to raise productivity, creativity and motivation. It makes sense for employers to encourage these outcomes to get the most from their staff whilst providing and cultivating a great atmosphere to work in.


4 tips to increase your happiness in life and work: 1. Mindset A reason we may not be happy could be down to reacting negatively to outside influences that may be beyond our control. Instead of allowing these factors to affect your mood, you should try to rid yourself of self-doubt, be more aware of your thoughts and emotions and think about any problems as just challenges to overcome. 2. Balance It can be difficult to have a clear work-life balance, especially in modern times. It is important to make time for yourself. A bad work-life balance could cause a decrease in personal and professional development, a higher risk of physical and mental health problems as well as potentially damaging your relationships. Everyone’s idea of a good work-life balance varies, there are no set rules to how long you should spend on either work or play. The best indication of whether you are getting the right balance is by taking a moment to pay attention to your wellbeing and your natural intuition. Try bringing more balance by turning off your mobile phone, taking a walk during your lunch hour or leaving the office earlier to have some quality time. Try to forget about work until you next return. 3. Selflessness Take a moment to consider ways in which you can inspire happiness in the people you care about, without expecting anything from them in return. A selfless act is having a strong desire to prioritise the welfare and happiness of others before your own. They do not have any obvious personal gains available other than perhaps the satisfaction of making someone else happy. The importance of wanting to help others is very evident when observed in the workplace. Working as a team to achieve an objective together makes the journey to completion much easier. Collectively, the group may put the welfare and happiness of the business above their own, whilst sharing this responsibility and making the load lighter for each other. 4. Appreciation Showing appreciation to those around you is fundamental to having, building and maintaining strong and fulfilling relationships whilst spreading happiness. This can take many forms from a simple thankyou and a smile to a more planned and larger gesture of gratitude. When complimenting, encouraging or taking an interest in someone you are making their day that little bit better. In return you should find that you receive loyalty, respect and shared happiness.


By searching for happiness through objects, purchases or status, we sometimes risk overlooking the day to day enjoyment of life. When we are in the moment, without want or worry, we can feel a natural calmness that may not be achieved by chasing the idea of happiness.

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