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Women: Coaching, Business & Success.

It could be argued that coaching is one of the most gender equal careers. The act of coaching is ancient, but it is relatively young as a profession. In the practice of coaching there are few pre-conceived, archaic customs to create barriers to prevent someone from advancing their career. As many professional coaches choose to be self-employed, they are able to be flexible and manage their time to suit their own personal requirements from life. Working around family commitments is much easier to do for both men and women in the profession, whilst the work load can be managed by how many clients they choose to work with. The gains from working in coaching can differ hugely from the outcomes from other types of business. Money is often not the main motivator for coaches, as the biggest rewards can be found in helping people make a difference in their lives. The popularity of coaching is increasing dramatically. A large amount of coaches are seeing an increase in both clients and revenue year on year, and companies are setting aside large budgets for coaching of employees and management. Remember, coaching begins with asking questions. A career that promotes thinking differently can only help to inspire new ideas in society. There are some certain personality traits that are particularly useful in becoming successful in life. See our 6 top tips below:

1. Self-Belief

If you don’t believe you can succeed, then you could easily give up at the first hurdle. Believing in your business, goals or aspirations is as vital as believing in your own abilities. Trust that what you are doing is making a difference and stand by your convictions.

2. Ambition

Never settle for second best, aim for the top & have a true desire to succeed in reaching your goal.

3. Hard Work

Nothing can be achieved without it. Be prepared to put in long hours & make sacrifices to ensure your success.

4. Humility

This is one of the most understated traits of anyone who is successful. Caring about people along your journey to greatness could ensure that you have a great time reaching your goals, as well as potentially providing you with more people willing to help and congratulate you when you reach the top. Sharing an experience makes it that much sweeter.

5. Bravery

Success can be found off the beaten track. Going outside of your comfort zone and taking risks involves a strong amount of bravery, and builds the trust in yourself that you can survive and deal with whatever life throws at you.

6. Assertiveness

Being confident and calm, seemingly fearless and speaking with authority should command respect from other people.

There’s never been a better time for women to start a business. In the US alone women-owned companies in all sectors have increased by 68% since 2007. With more female role models & mentors than ever before, they can help other women with facing the challenges they have overcome themselves.

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