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Is NOT An Enhancement
Its A Requirement


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Whether you are a film director, producer, actor or tv presenter,  having the ability to communicate with impact and connect with others on a deeper level is a vital part of your job and is critical to personal and professional success.


Our science-backed and practical framework equips those who represent and manage talent behind the scenes and performers who work in front of the camera with an advanced set of verbal and nonverbal communication skills and strategies that enable them to unlock potential, increase confidence  and take their performances to an extraordinary level.

Communicate With Impact, Connect
With Audiences On A Deeper Level And Stand Out
In A Competitive Industry

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"I have worked with Brett for over 3 years now and my results have gone through the roof.


Brett is talented in what he does, his down-to-earth and unique approach to coaching is the best I have ever seen.


 He has helped me understand myself on a deeper level, given me the skills to overcome imposter syndrome and continues to support me with my acting career and private life"


Superman & Lois


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Whether you want to stand out in auditions and get hired for your dream role,  connect with audiences on a deeper level by giving more authentic and unforgettable performances or confidently communicate with the media.


Our practical and easy to apply framework gives you a competitive edge when interacting with others and will enhance your impact and influence on audiences from around the world.

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  • Audition Preparation.

  • Character Preparation.

  • Media And Interview Training.

  • Public Speaking.

  • Personal Relationships


Services Include

Benefits Include

  • Ability to tap into intense, personal emotions and channel them into a character.

  • The clarity to separate personal emotions from those of a character.

  • The ability to master your verbal and nonverbal behaviour to convey the authenticity of your character.

  • Reduce stage fright, increase confidence and amplify presence.


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 "Having Brett in my team for the past 2 years has been a real advantage which has taken my career to the next level and helped me to win multiple awards.

Whether I am auditioning for a new project, filming on set, or preparing for media tours, Brett's coaching and support have been instrumental in my success"

Award Winning Actress 



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Those representing and managing talent in the entertainment industry have their own unique challenges.


Our specialized approach helps individuals to communicate with actors and their teams at the highest level in order to unlock potential and enhance performance while saving time and money in the process.

Professional camera setup

  • Gaining the ability to see and hear what others can't.

  • More intuitive, effective conflict resolution.

  • Ability to help entertainers channel emotions more effectively.

  • Ability to influence, motivate and calm the key talent or team members.

  • Increased confidence when interacting with the media or public speaking.


Benefits Include

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