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Join me LIVE on my three-day group or one-to-one two-day intensive Insight To Impact program, designed to equip you with the cutting-edge skills and strategies required to maximise every human interaction. This program will teach you how to observe, decode and utilise your own and other peoples verbal and nonverbal behaviours and much more.


Start a NEW fascinating and rewarding business, or add a unique set of skills to your toolbox if you are already an experienced coach, consultant or trainer by becoming a Certified People Intelligence Trainer. Work from anywhere in the world, helping others decode and interpret human behaviour in order to communicate at an extraordinary level.


Work with me from anywhere in the world via the Online People Intelligence Academy and start seeing the world differently. Designed for ambitious high achievers from around the world who want to learn how to master the art and science of human behaviour in order to enhance their life, career and bank balance.


Designed for service-based experts like you, who want to learn how to decode and leverage human behaviour In order to stand out as the go-to expert in their field and create a consistent flow of premium paying clients with ease, while working less and reducing stress.




Delivering some fascinating and cutting-edge material on high performance, advanced communication strategies and his own story, Brett brings real-world examples and experience to audiences from large multinational organisations such as the CIPD, law society, universities and schools to prisons, law enforcement agencies and international football clubs. Brett's down to earth, and engaging manner keeps his audiences captivated. 


Receive one-to-one coaching from Brett or attend his two-day one-to-one intensive, learning how to become a people expert. Discover how to read peoples faces, interpret what is not being said by reading the 'new' body language, learn how to influence a room without opening your mouth and limit risk by gaining the ability to evaluate truth and credibility of others.


Brett's one-to-one advanced communication programs promise to give you a clear advantage when interacting with others, increase your ability to influence at the highest level, close high-value deals, limit risk, manage time-wasting when interacting with others and ultimately increase your communication skills and earning potential.

Brett regularly consults to small and large organisations from around the world on all aspects of people intelligence and advanced communication strategies. He helps individuals and teams deal with intense and high stake situations to close high-value deals by showing them how to apply actionable tactics and strategies on how to decode, interpret and influence human behaviour in order to confidently connect with others on an extraordinary level.
Some areas where Brett can help:
  • Advanced Communication Strategies
  • Helping Reduce Risk By People Reading
  • Senior Leadership Recruitment 
  • Trial & Witness Preparation
  • Evaluating Truth And Assessing Credibility
  • Behavioural Profiling
  • Advanced Negotiation, High Stake Deals
  • Behaviour Analysis
As well as holding his own one day and three-day events, Brett delivers bespoke training programs to small and large organisations based on the foundation of advanced communication.
Some areas where Brett can help:
  • Bespoke Insight To Impact Program
  • Advanced Communication Strategies
  • The New Body Language
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Evaluating Truth And Assessing Credibility
  • Behavioural Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Behaviour Analysis.
How Good Is Your People Intelligence?
Take The FREE People Intelligence Quiz And Find Out
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